Warehouse Management System

Speed up the logistic processes optimizing stock and costs

Stock optimization and cost reduction logic give rise to the need of localizing the items clearly and rapidly. This is why the IT systems supporting the management of the storage bins are becoming increasingly vital. 
The aim of the Warehouse Management System (WMS) is to manage the transfer and putaway of the goods within the inventory (including the receipt, putaway, picking and shipping): the WMS provides for the planning of the inventory as well as for the positioning of the goods after being received.

Mago4 Warehouse Management System (WMS) manages the receipt, putaway and entry of goods, and plans the inventory. Mago4 WMS is perfectly integrated with the other ERP modules, allowing you to navigate within all documents, ensuring you a complete tracing of the information flows. Fully configurable in mapping the warehouse, WMS fits any storage structure.

Warehouse management on the palm of your hand
WMS Mobile is an irreplaceable help that allows carrying out, quickly and efficiently, all warehouse logistics operations. Carry out all operations with few... beeps: you just need to shoot on the bar code of the items, stocks and locations, with a Wi-Fi Rfid device, or a barcode reader in order to manage the loading and unloading of goods, stock transfer, packing and unpacking. WMS Mobile conveys the detected information in real-time to the company database, and synchronizes data with your Mago4 server via Wi-Fi. It even works where the signal is not available.