At the forefront of mobility!

Today, TCPOS offers you great opportunities in the management of the sales transactions of your business, using tablets and smartphones. Our innovative technology allows TCPOS applications to run on lighter and thinner portable devices. This offers new service opportunities where the POS is brought directly to the customer, and not vice versa, allowing you to manage orders and requests for information in a more convenient and efficient way.

Hardware independent
Reduce costs, turning your tablet and smartphone in a real POS system, at no additional cost.

No more queues
Add mobile POS devices, reducing traffic to cash positions and eliminating waiting times.

A better service
In restaurants, managers and operators are always informed about what is going on in the dining room, ensuring that guests get the attention they deserve.

Dynamic stock control
Speed up barcode scanning of large quantities of items with DroidStock

The mobile till
POS solutions, thanks to their intuitive interface and the complete lack of hardware constraints, can be seamlessly integrated with multi-touch systems. Tablets become additional tills, during rush hour or at any other time of the day, regardless of the work area.

Handhelds – less costs, more efficiency
Keep up with the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele, improving the resource organization and maintaining competitive working times that help to considerably reduce labour costs. By using TCPOS handhelds, you will improve the table service, or reduce queues at the entrance to a museum or event.

Your smart sale assistant
In restaurants, the tablet can be installed at the table, allowing your guests to see the menu, promotions, and to place orders, thus speeding up the management of the dishes. In the meantime, customers can take advantage of the tablet to surf the Internet, access social networks and play with apps.

DroidStock: Dynamic inventory check via handheld
DroidStock TCPOS is an application designed for the latest generation of handheld devices. Taking advantage of the powerful features of the Android operating system, you will have a fully functional POS in your hands, which uses the camera of the device to read barcodes. DroidStock is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and in the case of large installations, the latest generation of industrial handhelds.