Paperless office

Save Time, reduce Waste and stay secure with Infinity DMS!

Infinity DMS is an advanced solution with Web interface for a complete document management, used via Internet/Intranet. It allows Collecting, Acquiring, Protocolling, Cataloguing, Sharing, Distributing and Managing Complex Document Processes. With Infinity DMS data and documents become precious information for any decision making.

Infinity DMS is developed with Infinity technology, Zucchetti innovative delevopment platform, based on a powerful application framework, integrating all company applications in SOA (System Oriented Architecture). Infinity Project means fully web integrated solutions, with a wide application coverage and cooperative functionalities, enhancing and defining every company exchanging information process.

Infinity DMS is an integrated part of the electronic desk (MyDesk) at the disposal of the internal or external user: a virtual place (Virtual Workspace) where it is possible to access data in a customized manner, perform transactions and collaborate with other company users. 

Not a simple philosophical approach intended to eliminate or reduce drastically the amount of paper in the daily office work, but a fully digital support for every company activity, which allows surpassing physical obstacles and notably reduce time and costs, but above all to intercept and make information available in a quick and efficient way.

Infinity DMS increases company efficiency by offering workflow tools and logics, and notifications that reduce information latency, making them immediately accessible and employable. Together with Business Process Management, it allows designing, performing and controlling complex company processes which involve internal or external users.