Zucchetti participates in European Mobility Week and launches a contest to support an environmental and social project

From September 16 to 22, 2023, Zucchetti employees worldwide will be invited to commute to the office using sustainable transportation. If we surpass the number of kilometers traveled in 'green' mode compared to the previous edition, the company will make a donation to a climate action and sustainable development project in Haiti, Central America, with the support of Carbonsink, a leading Italian company specializing in climate strategy consulting and certified climate projects.

In 2023, Zucchetti once again joins the European Mobility Week, an annual event organized by the European Commission for sustainable urban mobility. They are promoting a campaign that encourages behavioral change in favor of active mobility, public transportation, and other clean and smart transportation solutions.

From September 16 to 22, on one or more of these days, employees from the Zucchetti group worldwide will be encouraged to commute to the office sustainably, using bicycles, public transportation, scooters, carpooling, or walking. To document their actions, they will take a photo and send it to a dedicated company email address for the initiative, along with a declaration of the total kilometers they traveled sustainably.

The most creative photos will also be shared on Zucchetti's social media channels to symbolize all the employees who participated in the initiative. To further encourage participation, if they surpass the results from the previous edition with this virtuous "mobility action," the company will make a donation to a climate action project with the support of Carbonsink, a leading Italian climate consultancy firm.

"Last year, we showed that change is possible," says Valentina Ubaldi, Product Manager of HR Mobility Solutions at Zucchetti. "Our colleagues covered 5,000 kilometers using sustainable transportation, saving a total of 1,000 kg of CO2. For the 2023 edition, we worked with our management to further incentivize participation by setting a goal for the company to support a climate and sustainable development project in Haiti, Central America. In summary, this project involves replacing traditional wood-burning cooking systems with more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable household stoves. These stoves reduce CO2 emissions and deforestation while also providing significant social benefits, improving the health and quality of life of the local Haitian community.

For this initiative, we have collaborated with experts from Carbonsink, a company with which we are actively working to support Zucchetti's technological offerings for smart and sustainable mobility. This initiative represents a best practice that we should promote every day, not just during European Mobility Week, to enhance both the environment and quality of life."