Christmas 2021: Zucchetti is with UNICEF for children's education. Tangible initiatives for social sustainability are gaining momentum

From 13 to 19 December, during the Blue Week, anyone who works at Zucchetti will be able to contribute to the future of childhood with a simple gesture: take a photo ot themselves wearing a blue garment or object and share it on social networks.

Over the Christmas holidays, there are a lot more initiatives in support of the most fragile among us. What gives strength to these events is the character of planning and continuity, for a tangible action of social sustainability aimed at pursuing, over time, the goal of achieving equity in growth and development opportunities.

Zucchetti has been involved for several years in providing job opportunities to girls and boys who finish their schooling. Its “Nursery of talents” is proof of this. It is activated every year and offers the younger generation free training and internships at the company to encourage youths to study STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), aimed at finding and keeping a job.

Therefore, also on the occasion of Christmas 2021, Zucchetti continues to pursue its commitment to education and training, by choosing an organization with which to share values and objectives. The happy collaboration with UNICEF was born as part of the “Go Blue” initiative to allocate funds to the Education program.

“Joining the UNICEF project was a natural development of our sponsorship activities to promote the professional growth and well-being of people,” explains Cristina Zucchetti, President of Zucchetti Group. “Even today,” she continues, “in many geographic areas the possibility of learning a profession and being able to practice it is still the only way to free oneself from a situation of serious difficulty. And we want to be able to contribute to the affirmation of the freedom and personal fulfillment of many young people.”

This year, therefore, with the “Go Blue” initiative in favor of UNICEF, Christmas turns blue (the color that characterizes UNICEF) to symbolically, but also tangibly, invite people to participate in forging a world in which children’s rights are not violated.

Last November 20, World Children’s Day, the “Go Blue” initiative was promoted in various countries around the world and many palaces, monuments and buildings (including the Lodi headquarters of Zucchetti) lit up blue.

But the highlight of the initiative is from December 13 to 19, during Blue Week. It is a particular week of solidarity in which by choosing something blue (clothing or something from everyday life), taking a picture with it and sending it to the company, Zucchetti staff will be able to participate in the charity initiative and help to determine the amount that will be donated to UNICEF: for each photo received, Zucchetti will donate 10 euros to support the children’s education programs of UNICEF.

Anyone can participate in the initiative, even with a private donation on the dedicated page.