AWMS lands in Romania: the first step towards growth in Europe

AWMS has officially started its scale-up in Europe: first step Romania! Six months after it entered the Zucchetti world, the platform for the management of factory workers was established in the Romanian market, a strategic point to start the expansion in Europe.

AWMS was born in AzzurroDigitale, was nominated among the top 100 startups in Italy in 2020, and last year entered the Zucchetti ecosystem among the range of software and vertical applications for the manufacturing sector. The platform, which concerns the management and optimisation of workforce in production and logistic plants through the use of Artificial Intelligence, manages 30.000 agents every day and counts internationally known customers of various sectors: from fashion to automotive, from white goods to food and logistics.

Thanks to the trust that was given by Zucchetti, software MNE, AWMS started in Romania to conquer the landscape of European manufacturing, ranking as the main technological solution for workforce management in factories.

Romania: the strategic point for Manufacturing
“Romania is the strategic starting point for the growth of AWMS in Europe.” explained Jacopo Pertile, co-founder and sales manager of AWMS, “it’s a country which, thanks to its availability of educated workforce and a still competitive cost, was able to develop a dynamic and consistent net of manufacturing companies.
The manufacturing activity in Romania indeed represents as much as 23,6% of national GDP, significantly above the UE average of 17,4%. Furthermore, the workforce in plant, which is the core business of AWMS, consists of more than one-fifth of the total working population, reaching 22,1%, almost 7 percentage points above the European average. (Source: Eurostat)

Zucchetti Group Romanian branch, with its three offices in Oradea, Bucarest and Timisoara, covers all the industrial areas of Romania, meeting all the various needs of the companies of the territory with its products and services. Next to such a solid partner as Zucchetti, the AWMS team is achieving its objective: making AWMS the reference platform in Europe for the workforce management in the industrial sector.