Zucchetti formalizes a 1.5 million euro Business Support Fund for the implementation of IT solutions

Zucchetti Spain has decided to launch a plan to advise and financially support companies in the implementation of the necessary technological solutions, such as ERP software, HR management solutions, BI, Cloud.

- Zucchetti Spain has optimized its extensive experience in implementing ERP and HR projects and has adapted it to the new situation so that the work is minimal

- The software manufacturer has been strongly committed to the fight against Covid-19 since the beginning of this pandemic and now has created this Help Fund to which it allocates 10% of its turnover

- With thirty years of experience in the national market, Zucchetti Spain has a solid knowledge of the needs and reality of Spanish companies

Bilbao, May 20, 2020 - Since the appearance of Covid-19 our way of living, working and relating to each other has changed radically, and the new reality that is presented to us from now on poses a totally different scenario. In recent months companies have been forced to adopt, often quickly, new forms of management such as teleworking or online talent management. However, many companies in our country have not yet implemented the necessary solutions, and their future survival largely depends on taking this leap.

Zucchetti Spain's Business Support Fund is already available: 1.5 million euros for the implementation of IT solutions.

A 1.5 million euro Business Aid Fund to make them more competitive

The Covid-19 crisis has come as a surprise to many companies. Although they are aware that only by implementing new technological solutions they will be able to guarantee their survival and adopt a more competitive position, many do not know how to deal with this process and feel overwhelmed by the risks they perceive.

For this reason, Zucchetti Spain has decided to launch a plan to advise and financially support companies in the implementation of the necessary technological solutions, such as ERP software, HR management solutions, BI, Cloud... To this end, it has formalized a 1.5 million euro Aid Fund, from which those companies that contract any of the management solutions for digital transformation offered by the software manufacturer between May 20 and July 30, or until the assigned budget is exhausted, can benefit.

"Companies in the ICT sector have a responsible role in the emergency situation we are experiencing. We have the necessary tools to guarantee normal work in this extraordinary situation, and we know that their use makes a difference in the positioning and survival of companies", says Justino Martínez, General Director of Zucchetti Spain, "For this reason we have decided to launch this initiative, a Business Aid Fund to help companies implement the most advanced technological solutions, which will allow them to minimise the workload of their employees and promote teleworking".

Zucchetti Spain, firm in its commitment to fight against Covid-19

Since the beginning of this health crisis, Zucchetti Spain has contributed altruistically by doing its part in the fight against the pandemic. Thus, it has made its ZCare HR healthcare personnel management software available to all Spanish hospitals, completely free of charge, in order to optimize healthcare management in these complicated times.

Now it takes a step further and reaffirms its commitment to Spanish companies and especially to SMEs, a group that has been its target market for years and about which it has great knowledge. SMEs represent the majority of the business fabric in our country, with almost three million companies at the beginning of 2020. And they are precisely those who are most at risk in this new reality. The time has come, also for them, to adapt in order to gain a competitive advantage and survive in an increasingly complicated market.

Zucchetti Spain's solutions for the digital transformation

The digital transformation, which was already a trend before the appearance of Covid-19, is today a necessity and, at the same time, an unstoppable reality. Because only by managing all the information and processes remotely, companies will be able to continue their activity in this new reality. We must not be paralyzed by this crisis, but see the opportunities it offers, and invest in the right direction to come out stronger.

Zucchetti Spain has a long history, more than thirty years, developing management solutions for companies, always at the forefront of technology: ERP-CRM software, HR management software, teleworking and online presence control, cyber security, business intelligence, cloud solutions... Solutions that today are the key to new ways of working that are imposed.

It stands as the reference for national software manufacturers, with the widest range of solutions