Retail from the cloud: Tap&Till joins Zucchetti

Zucchetti Group expands its portfolio for retailers and franchisers by acquiring Tap&Till, provider of cloud-based POS and omni-channel solutions.

Tap&Till is a POS solution provider with a vast experience in native, cloud-based POS systems for the retail market. Its flagship product was developed together with well-known market leaders in fashion, luxury, and other non-food merchandise sectors, and it has now become part of the Zucchetti Group.

The Tap&Till team has been operative in the retail trade as a reliable partner for more than 20 years, supporting clients in their digital evolution.

One of Tap&Till’s most prominent success factors is their understanding: they are not just observers of the industry; they are key players right in the middle of it - creating added value for their clients with out-of-the-box ideas. They have the courage to break new ground and that is exactly why they fit the profile of the Zucchetti Group – as it is in our DNA to always think different, to innovate, to learn and to grow together.

As they are experts in the POS business, they form the perfect complement to Zucchetti’s current portfolio. The acquisition of Tap&Till will enable Zucchetti to enter new and different market segments, with the newly acquired products. The international group will be able to provide even more scalable solutions to adapt to the demands of the retail business, by offering innovative, cloud-based POS solutions that easily integrate into the eCommerce and omni-channel processes.

Current Managing Directors Udo Grünstern and Uwe Echternacht will stay in charge and will consequently develop and enhance the already extensive set of features and functionalities of the POS product.

Udo Grünstern, one of the Managing Directors at Tap&Till, says: “Becoming part of the Zucchetti Group not only makes me proud but, as I firmly believe in the potential and values of the group, it will also open up the market for our product to serve major enterprise clients and franchise systems worldwide”.

By owning the majority interest of Tap&Till, Zucchetti strengthens its leading role as international provider of future-proof IT solutions for various retail segments” says Dirk Schwindling, CEO at Zucchetti Switzerland. “With Tap&Till solutions, we can provide our customers with yet another innovative, diverse family of products, this time cloud-based and that fits perfectly into our iCore strategy. I look forward to exciting projects and to explore new target markets together”.