An Italian solution for the wellness and entertainment sector

Originating in Italy, this is a comprehensive solution that is already available for operators in the Lithuanian wellness and entertainment sector. Software successfully implemented in the southern European tourism sector has now been introduced with the aim of boosting effective business management in this specific sphere.

The specialised software GymGest, is to be launched in Lithuania in the near future. According to UAB UCS Baltic, who has signed an agreement with Zucchetti Itaca, an Italian management system developer for the wellness and entertainment sector, the software is designed to manage SPA, wellness, entertainment, leisure centres, resorts, sports clubs, pools and other facilities.

"This software, for instance, may even be used for managing medical rehabilitation services, using the National Health Insurance Fund. This allows not only the control of treatment and rehabilitation processes, but also ensures transparency of payment and the planning of funding," explains CEO of UAB UCS Baltic, Darius Simanavicius. The market will be able to choose from a number of flexibly integrated modules, which may be customised both in small and large multifunctional facilities, in the wellness and entertainment sector. GymGest will contribute to centre access control, regulation of visitor flows, membership and subscriptions, individual reservations of services or specialists and loyalty programmes, as well as enabling the use of e-wallets and transmission of notifications to customers.

"In Italy, the wellness and entertainment sector is well developed alongside tourism, thanks to favourable climate conditions, a large population and a vast number of tourists. This Italian success story will also be valuable for our region," says CEO of UAB UCS Baltic. The rising demand for complex services in Lithuania required a solution regarding how to manage growing and more complex wellness and entertainment businesses, he continued. Increasing visitor numbers trigger the need for optimal use of organisational resources, while at the same time maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

UAB UCS Baltic will offer its customers the complete Zucchetti Itaca product portfolio and plans to implement GymGest not only in Lithuania, but also across other Baltic States and Belarus.

Zucchetti Itaca has been implementing management systems designed for the wellness and entertainment sector for more than 24 years. The management systems have been deployed in over 2,000 complexes of different sizes in Italy and throughout Europe. Zucchetti Itaca is part of Zucchetti Group, which employs nearly 5,500 people and will close 2019 with a 850 mln turnover.

UAB UCS Baltic, who has signed an agreement with the Italian company, has more than 20 years’ experience in the implementation of specialised and computerised accounting and management systems (fiscal systems for catering companies and hotels, access control systems for large complexes, ticket sale and reservation systems, customer databases, etc.).

Last year, the turnover of UAB UCS Baltic (excluding subsidiaries) reached EUR 1.9 million, while in 2019 it is planned to exceed EUR 2 million.