Zucchetti’s security systems at the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

After the Khalifa Stadium, also the Al Wakrah stadium relies on the excellence of the leading Italian software house, that confirms its leadership in the management and access control systems for big sports facilities in Italy and abroad.

Italy is already one of the protagonists at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, at least from a technological point of view. Qatar’s stadiums in fact already speak Italian thanks to Zucchetti, that after the Khalifa International Stadium, has won the management of the security and access control of the futuristic Al Wakrah stadium. The sports facility is one of the many stadiums where the next FIFA World Cup, the first one to be played in Winter, will take place.

“With over 90 active gates, the security and access control of the Al Wakrah facility will for sure be a real challenge, but in Zucchetti we know that from the most difficult challenges we obtain the best results” explains Gilberto Polledri, Sport&Events area of Zucchetti’s Security & Automation BU.
“Here, in this second stadium, all the systems already installed and appreciated at the Khalifa Stadium will be used. In particular, intelligent readers inserted on tripod turnstiles, with displays to view information and promotional ads, able to read cards and tickets and to manage mobile ticketing thanks to smartphone apps. All of this is made possible thanks to the most recent RFID, QRCode and NFC technologies, that will guarantee maximum security, at the same time making it easy to enjoy the event.
Moreover, as already experimented in other big events we dealt with, we are planning to unify in one unique ticket many other services, with the possibility to use the same ticket for museums, public transports and related events. This project represents an important result for Zucchetti, above all because so far, of the stadiums that will host the Qatar 2022 matches, the works for only two of them have been assigned and both of them to Zucchetti, showing how the excellence of our solutions distinguishes us both in Italy and abroad.”

 “A success that further confirms the leading role Zucchetti gained in the access control and security market all over the world” states Marco Marchetti, manager of Zucchetti’s Security & Automation BU. “In addition to the facilities in Qatar, in fact, Zucchetti manages also the security and access control systems of the basketball court owned by Panathinaïkos in Athens, one of the most important and awarded teams in the world. In Italy, instead, Zucchetti continues its committment to modernize the stadiums used for the “Serie A” and “Serie B” football matches and for the management of other new stadiums, besides the over 100 already managed in Italy and abroad, such as the Olympic Stadium in Rome and the Khalifa in Doha”.