Zucchetti Horeca comes to life: the technology conquers hotels and restaurants

Optimized room booking, mobile payments and automated cash register management: Zucchetti consolidates its leadership in the software market for the restaurant and hospitality sector.

Starting from March, the leading Italian software house further strengthens its leadership in the hospitality and restaurant sector, thanks to the creation of Zucchetti Horeca, the new division specialized in the supply of ERP solutions and IT services for hotels and restaurants. This market is in fact facing an ongoing evolution and growth where digitization has become essential for all operators, in order to answer the needs of the society that is getting ready to a future 4.0. Zucchetti was able to answer these needs with specialized and highly advanced solutions, capable of satisfying any technological request, allowing the company to become the leader in the sector for number of clients, over 28 000, with increasing revenues of over 20€ million in 2017. Thanks to dedicated solutions, that can mutually integrate with each other providing highly customizable products, Zucchetti Horeca presents itself as a unique interlocutor to answer any type of need in the sector. It in fact offers the perfect solution, from the management of booking processes in hotels and big hotel chains to CRM and marketing automation systems, from the order registration and transmission to the kitchen in bars and restaurants to mobile payments via app.

Zucchetti’s success has been confirmed not only by numbers but also by some of the most important names in the Italian restaurant and hospitality sector. Not only Cigierre group (owner of brands such as Old Wild West and Wiener Haus), Cremonini group (Chef Express and Road House Grill) and the famous chef Giuliano Baldessari chose Zucchetti, but also some of the most important hotel chains such as Ars Hotels, Baglioni Hotels, Mythos Hotel, GB Hotels and many other 4 and 5 star hotels. 
Moreover, Zucchetti is also leader in the management of sports venues and spas, with over 1 000 installations and clients, as important as Terme dei Papi (a bath site near Rome), Palazzo Parigi Spa in Milan and the Poseidon Gardens in Ischia, near Naples.

“The goal that we set when creating Zucchetti Horeca is to put together the consolidated experience and the high knowledge of the group’s companies specialized in the Horeca sector in order to become the unique vendor on which hotels, restaurants, pizzerie, bars, fast food restaurants and bakeries will rely.” – states Angelo Guaragni, Zucchetti’s manager in charge of the solutions dedicated to this market. “This is an important goal, that reflects Zucchetti’s capabilities to apply its know-how and its knowledge of the IT world to new realities, immediately understanding their needs and answering in an innovative way.”