Change at the summit of TCPOS: Dirk Schwindling is the new CEO

The Zucchetti Group's company has appointed a new board of directors, whose leadership has entrusted to the head of the German branch.

TCPOS SA, a company of the Zucchetti group and leading provider of POS solutions for the retail and hospitality sector, has recently appointed its new board of directors, consisting of Giacomo Knechtli (Chairman), Dirk Schwindling, Enrico Itri, Massimo Nespoli and Angelo Guaragni. 

Dirk Schwindling has been named the new CEO of the company. It is his task to coordinate the development of the products and services, to design TCPOS strategies and to highlight the benefits of the integration of TCPOS with the Zucchetti solution portfolio and thus to increase commercial opportunities. Since 2001, Dirk has taken over important leadership roles at TCPOS, managed the German, Austrian and Eastern European subsidiaries and worked closely with strategic partners and key accounts. 

"For me, being appointed CEO means a very exciting and inspiring professional challenge - explained Dirk Schwindling - because TCPOS is a company with over 10,000 customers operating on an international level. My goal is not only to strengthen our leadership position by focusing on innovation in the area of POS solutions, but to make TCPOS a global provider of technological solutions by increasing the synergy with other companies within the Zucchetti Group.” 

“Five years after Zucchetti acquired the majority of the shares in TCPOS SA, the company group has now acquired all of the shares. – said Alessandro Zucchetti, Zucchetti's Chairman – This decision showcases the commitment of the Zucchetti group to further invest in TCPOS and its employees, in order to strengthen and grow its market position.”