Leonardo Da Vinci's Atlantic Code Exhibition opening: Zucchetti delivers the security project

Leonardo's work exhibition, whose pages displayed in Bramante's Sacristy, in Santa Maria delle Grazie's Church, are protected by Zucchetti Security System for Access Control and Video Surveillance

Lodi, 16th September 2009 - Last Friday, in the presence of the Mayor of Milan Letizia Moratti and the Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi, the exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci's Atlantic Code, which will last until the 2015 Expo, was opened.

The exhibition of the artist and inventor's original work was promoted and organized by Cardinal Federico Borromeo Foundation and the Honourable Ambrosian Library, unique owner of the Atlantic Code, which represents the most extensive and amazing collection of Leonardo's writings and drawings.
The 1,119 pages which compose the Atlantic Code will be showed in turns (50 approximately every three months, grouped by basic themes) at Bramante's Sacristy in Santa Maria delle Grazie's Church and in the Federiciana hall of the Honourable Ambrosian Library in Milan.
Zucchetti was entrusted with the task of securing Bramante's Sacristy with modern devices that offer absolute reliability for the Code's protection and, at the same time, are not "invasive" considering the place's holiness: "It's really exciting to be part of such a project - said Antonio Grioli, President of Zucchetti Group Board of Directors - since after five centuries Leonardo's work is displayed for the first time to the public.
This is why we have to thank the Honourable Ambrosian Library and Cardinal Federico Borromeo Foundation, with which we have been cooperating for months, on different fronts. It is exactly for our competence and professionalism that they have turned to Zucchetti for the installation of the security system in Santa Maria delle Grazie's Church, which hosts Leonardo's precious original drawings".

Domenico Uggeri, Zucchetti Business Unit Security and Automation Manager, added: "Zucchetti is able to manage complex projects, in what access control and video surveillance systems are concerned, being a completely autonomous company regarding installation components: software, hardware and mechanical parts. In the specific case of Santa Marie delle Grazie's Church, we have succeeded in finishing the job in only two months, transforming Bramante's Sacristy in a place that can securely host Leonardo's works, without damaging its structure".

It was up to Enrico Rizzi, the Project Manager, to deal with operational details: "The challenge was to equip a 600 year old Sacristy with an environmental security system as that of a bank vault, without touching the walls, nor windows or doors.
Thus a long and accurate study was carried out, in cooperation with architects, restorers and technological system designers, in order to guarantee maximum security with minimum impact on the building, unique from a historical and religious point of view.
Infrared barriers, last generation sensors, video analysis system, installations with double backup systems, plus other technological devices have made this environment a crowning achievement of Zucchetti security systems.
The Atlantic Code will be displayed in 22 steel and armoured crystal tailor-made cases. These visible safes bring together the technology protecting Leonardo's drawings from theft attempt, vandalism, fire, overheating, humidity and UV radiation, besides emphasizing Leonardo's genius work with LED illumination systems.
The planning and achieving process was very intense, but we are very pleased and proud of the fact that a large public will have the possibility to enjoy in complete safety this masterpiece of humanity."