A trip from Utah to Lodi to discover the secrets of Zucchetti group success

Also in 2011, a delegation from Jon M. Huntsman School of Business - Utah State University, paid a visit to the Italian software house, to further deepen its succesful strategies

Thanks to its exceptional business outcomes and its excellence in the innovation field, Zucchetti Group continues to raise interest abroad and to be study material for the American universities as well.
In fact, for the third consecutive year, some representatives (HR and Computer Engineering Master lecturers and students) of Jon M. Huntsman School of Business - Utah State University paid a visit to Zucchetti, in order to personally ascertain the quality of the solutions and the innovative capacity of the Italian software house.
"This is always a wonderful experience for our students - states Executive Director of the MBA Program, Kenneth C. Snyder, - because they can understand the reasons that led to the success of a company which is active in an economic environment, defined by small and medium companies, much like the Western region of the United States: ongoing investments in research and development, focus on customer and ability to anticipate needs, medium-to-long term strategies shared with business partners".

Antonio Grioli, president of Zucchetti Board of Directors, who is also a Business Strategy and Politics professor at the Catholic Sacred Heart University, believes that these encounters with the American students are a great opportunity for debate: "For Zucchetti, becoming a study material for students who specialize in human resources management and information technology in a US university is a great satisfaction. The American students' proven interest in the debates of our company is mostly due to the fact that Zucchetti is a 100% Italian reality which succeeded, thanks to its continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence for every single created solution, to compete on the application software level with all the large Information Technology vendors, including American multinationals.