Zucchetti Spain Receives the Best Business Management Software Award

The award-winning software, Solmicro ERP, is one of the flagship solutions in Zucchetti Spain's extensive software catalog.

The ERP-CRM software solution from Zucchetti Spain, Solmicro ERP, has been awarded the Best Business Management Software prize at the 23rd Byte TI Awards.

Solmicro ERP, the business management software, is the most flexible, customizable, and innovative solution with all the features for the new management needs of companies.

Justino Martínez Salinas, CEO of Zucchetti Spain, accepted the award at the Byte TI Awards 2023 ceremony, which took place at the Museum of Costume on Thursday, September 28th.

The Solmicro ERP software solution from Zucchetti Spain has been recognized as the "Best Business Management Software" by Byte TI Magazine in the 23rd edition of the Byte TI Awards. This is an annual event that bestows a famous statuette to various solutions, products, projects, or notable individuals in the field of information technology.

Justino Martínez Salinas, CEO of Zucchetti Spain
, expressed his gratitude for this recognition on behalf of the company during the ceremony held at the Museum of Costume in Madrid.
He also highlighted the team's effort to develop an innovative and customizable solution that caters to today's customer needs, providing businesses with a crucial tool for their digital transformation.

The Solmicro ERP management software is the most cutting-edge, customizable, and flexible tool on the market, making it one of the most sought-after solutions for businesses. Its extensive functionality and integration possibilities enable companies to have a solution perfectly tailored to their specific needs, regardless of their type and sector, enhancing the competitiveness of each business.