Unleashing the Power of Innovation

Discover the latest updates that make Mago software a game-changer in the industry! With a range of new modules and functions, Mago is breaking barriers and revolutionizing the way businesses operate.

Mago is increasingly an open and innovative software thanks to new modules and functions.

The new Mago API, OpenPOS and OpeneCommerce modules are based on communication via API (Application Programming Interfaces) and they allow a complete integration with third-party applications.

Important innovations concern management control which, thanks to the new Advanced Analysis & Controlling module, allows managing Product Lines in addition to Cost Centers and Jobs, furthermore, through an automatic turnover procedure, it is possible to transfer balances between cost centers or from cost centers to jobs or product lines, all based on special reversal models where a period of validity and a priority in the execution of the procedure can be defined.

The Store Management shows various innovations in the mobile application field. In fact, the InStore app now allows operators to limit access to the various functions to ensure greater security. Furthermore, to make the product more and more user-friendly, some search filters have been added to improve, for example, the display of still open requests for a specific shop and to view the list of still open documents out.
Several improvements have also been made in inventory management where the WMS Mobile application certainly stands out. Among the various projects, we can mention two new features that allow respectively to quickly display and correct the contents of a single-level storage unit and to cancel the confirmation of already confirmed but not yet synchronized transfer orders in the Picking and Picking & Packing.

If you are a manufacturing company, you know very well how it is important to always keep the purchases of raw materials, the production process and the sale of the finished product integrated, as they complement each other. With this in mind, the calculation of the delivery date of the Sale Order can now take place directly and completely automatically when entering the order itself, also considering the times of the production process.

Furthermore, Mago now provides for the possibility of enabling a series of checks, in order to constantly monitor the costs and warehouse handling of the picked items.

There are important innovations also in the visibility area and data security.
In detail, if you need to manage several branches that sell and purchase the same products but at different prices, you can put under protection both the Sales Price Lists and the Brackets Price Lists of Item Customers and Item Suppliers, then choosing which ones to display to different users.

Also, you have the possibility to manage a Lite-Visibility to simplify the operations of your resources who work in different sectors by using, for example, different Items and Inventory Reasons.

Finally, thanks to the new reports, you can easily get an overview of your settings, checking which visibility criteria are used, which data is protected and how the different visibility criteria have been attributed to users.

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