#beZucchetti – Milena Milosevic - Zucchetti France

In this new interview of the #beZucchetti series, Milena Milosevic – Customer Success Manager of Zucchetti France, explains how her vision of work suits and is inspired by Zucchetti Philosophy.

What does it mean to you to BeZucchetti?
For me, BE ZUCCHETTI, means to be inspired by Mino ZUCCHETTI's message on a daily basis to conduct one's professional activities in such a way that one's well-being is always important. 
When we are in tune with what we are doing, it is visible to the customer. 
The work is of better quality and the relationships are full of trust. 
It is necessary to keep this philosophy in mind within our team to pull everyone up and enjoy working together to excel on the projects undertaken.

What does Zucchetti’s purpose “We innovate to improve your life” mean to you? How do you think we at Zucchetti maintain this promise to our clients?
"We innovate to improve your life" is a slogan that resonates with me in the following way: we commit ourselves to always listen to the customer's needs, to deepen our operational knowledge in order to develop and propose the best possible functionalities to the customer. ZUCCHETTI keeps this promise to its customers through the competitive intelligence it possesses and through the permanent development of tools.

We market "the power of integration" what does that mean? Why is that a strong point for Zucchetti?
As ZUCCHETTI is a software house, we make it a point to offer solutions that can be integrated with all existing external software solutions.
The Zucchetti Digital Platform highlights our ability to create a whole ecosystem of solutions that communicate perfectly with each other. This is a real strength, and an unmatched approach in this market because we can facilitate customer service by offering a single point of entry and thus improve customer satisfaction.

Describe a success story in specific sector where integrated solutions were used.
"Terre de Provence
": this is a 4-star SPA hotel in the south of France with a restaurant. Their need was to implement a POS and PMS quickly and easily. Thanks to our integrated TILBY and LEAN solutions, we improved their way of working by saving them time on customer invoicing. Invoices from the restaurant are connected directly to the guests' rooms.

The billing of the establishment (including catering) can remain managed by the PMS, according to the client's request and facilitate accounting reports.

Why is Zucchetti the perfect fit for the main sector you work for?
In general, ZUCCHETTI has, thanks to its worldwide presence, a global vision of the market, which allows us to have a head start on functionalities already in place in some countries that it may be wise to implement locally in order to offer our customers constant improvements.

Having been around for decades, our reputation allows us to position ourselves as a strong competitor.