#beZucchetti – Frédéric Gilliard - Zucchetti France

Zucchetti is a company with a varied product portfolio. And beyond the products, all the people who live our "Be Zucchetti" philosophy are passionate about the markets they work in.

What does it mean to you to BeZucchetti?
Zucchetti Group being a family-owned Italian company, to BeZucchetti reflects this ‘other way’ of doing business: feeling part of a special mission to improve lives and businesses, thereby putting customers first, with a strong sense of responsibility towards employees, customers, partners – with a human-oriented approach.

What does Zucchetti’s purpose “We innovate to improve your life” mean to you? How do you think we at Zucchetti maintain this promise to our clients?
We maintain it by “serving” our customers, i.e. providing solutions and services driven by excellence, listening to clients, our aim is always improvement of the situation of our counterparts, so in the end, we reach a win-win for each party. Having this perspective, winning together, is definitely a way to improve lives, well above the pure technical aspect of providing cutting-edge software solutions for their businesses.

We market "the power of integration" what does that mean? Why is that a strong point for Zucchetti?
Zucchetti is a constellation of companies active in the ICT industry, which individually were strong and relevant, but which globally, once integrated in the Zucchetti Group and solutions, are much more powerful than individually. The global, complete, 360° solution we provide is one of the biggest USPs of the Zucchetti software house. Being able to agglomerate so many skills and such a broad, global offer, in different business lines and market sectors. Integration is one of our key focuses and strengths, for being able to improve the global situation, businesses and lives of our customers.

Describe a success story in specific sector where integrated solutions were used.
The idea itself of the ZDP (Zucchetti Digital Platform) is based on a platform-driven approach and concept. It is the demonstration of our inherent methodology to integrate not only numerous internal solutions, but also external partners and third parties, wanting to be part of our ecosystem, based on a strong POS as a core. Another example could be VVF (Village Vacances France), over 100 residences, 6.000 rooms, equipped with Vertical Booking as a CRS, and now in action for the implementation of our PMS LEAN, our POS Tilby or TCPOS, and being in the implementation phase of our ATS Inrecruiting for effective, intelligent candidate research. One customer, one provider, many contacts, further sales…. A nice story with VVF.

Why is Zucchetti the perfect fit for your business?
In theory, the answer is very simple; it comes from our proposition: a unique offer through a single provider, which is Zucchetti France. We propose a collection, a variety of solutions, but one support or helpdesk, one account manager, one responsibility! This concept makes us the perfect fit for clients and allows us to facilitate the relationship with customers, having one single point of contact. This notion allows Zucchetti to increase its coverage, its revenue, its global visibility.