MagoCloud: “Not For Sale” Subscription

Find out how to configure your NFS Subscription on MagoCloud Store in complete autonomy

In April, we announced the release of Not For Sale (NFS) subscriptions for MagoCloud.

With the Not For Sale subscription, you can test the new functionalities of MagoCloud, use the subscription for customer demos, and personalize MagoCloud with the customization and development tools (My Mago Studio, Task Builder Cloud, Reporting Studio Designer), and APIs.

As previously mentioned, the availability of NFS Subscriptions is a privilege reserved for Premium (1 NFS Cloud Subscription) or Excellence Partner (2 NFS Cloud Subscriptions and unlimited on-premises NFS, associated with your on-premises instances).

Nothing new, except the possibility of configuring your NFS Subscriptions in total autonomy. Please visit MagoCloud Store and follow the procedure in the section “NFS management”. The Store will guide you step by step in the configuration of your NFS subscription à la carte (Professional edition). You can set up, edit, and add new modules easily.

The owner of the NFS Subscription is the account that has configured the Subs, he/she holds the rights to create new collaborators' accounts and manages roles.

For any issues or questions regarding the NFS Subscription, please contact the MagoCloud Support Team at