Zucchetti Spain shows its solutions for the HORECA sector at HIP 2022

The most avant-garde and advanced business software solutions for the hospitality and catering sector.

Zucchetti Spain, the software manufacturer of reference in Spain has been present at HIP (Hospitality Innovation Planet) 2022, which has been held between March 7 and 9 at IFEMA, and where it has participated with its own stand to showcase Zucchetti's most avant-garde and advanced business software solutions for the hospitality and catering sector. 

HIP 2022 is a meeting point for restaurants, hotels, fast food chains, cafeterias, catering companies and other companies in the HORECA sector, where companies have been able to learn about the latest trends in innovation and business solutions for the improvement of business management, productivity control and omnichannel.

Zucchetti Spain helps companies in the HORECA sector to adapt to the omnichannel
One of the great challenges facing companies in the restaurant sector is undoubtedly the adaptation to omnichannel. The boom in home-delivery food sales through delivery chains means that companies in the sector need tools that allow them to manage transactions efficiently, as well as to offer quality customer service and integrate multiple sales channels (e-commerce, mobile app, delivery chain apps, etc.). In this line, the solution presented by Zucchetti Spain at HIP 2022 was TCPOS, the POS solution designed for restaurants, fast food chains, cafeterias and catering companies that wish to adapt to omnichannel and obtain a 360º vision of their business. This tool has systems that integrate the management of orders from delivery platforms, call center, own app and online store.

This facilitates greater productivity in the management of orders and the organization of kitchen work, as well as contributing to process automation and increased profitability. Companies in the hospitality sector can thus attend to orders that arrive through multiple channels in real time and offer better customer service, avoiding errors resulting from the manual management of processes.

Along the same lines, Zucchetti also presented the Tilby, the new brand of cloud-based software aimed at small hospitality businesses, which facilitates sales management in a practical way and also helps small stores, restaurants and cafeterias to adapt to digitization.

Zucchetti Spain facilitates the digitization of HORECA companies with MagoCloud
Business management is one of the unresolved issues for companies in the HORECA sector. One of the challenges that participants at this HIP 2022 fair were able to assess was the need to adopt digital business management solutions, which are accessible in the cloud and can meet the challenges that hospitality companies face, such as centralizing data, improving automation, business expansion and increasing profitability and competitiveness.

From its stand at this event, Zucchetti has shown to the companies of the sector its ERP solution in the cloud, MagoCloud, a tool that allows to satisfy all the management needs of companies in the catering and retail sector. Specifically, this solution allows the complete management of the supply chain, store management, POS transaction control, accounting management and logistics management.

MagoCloud is the most advanced and specific tool for hospitality businesses, helping them to adapt to digital transformation, as it allows access through a mobile app, centralizes data in a single tool and can be used remotely, which is useful for adapting to teleworking and mobility.

This solution also includes automatic updates and has a secure and scalable infrastructure, which is key to facilitate the digitization of companies in the HORECA sector, in the midst of a context of great uncertainty and where it is necessary to have flexible solutions, which can be accessed from the cloud.