Lybra Introduces Advanced Customer Success Service

The pandemic has drastically accelerated adoption of technology in the hospitality industry

Hotels now know that historical data is no longer useful, and so they need a new source of data to develop and implement effective revenue management strategies in our current marketplace.

To help our customers better understand the data that Lybra Assistant offers and, using that data, to develop the most effective strategies possible, Lybra has developed a new, personalized service to ensure our users get the best results from using the Assistant RMS.

This service will include working one-on-one with our clients to analyze the Assistant’s data to establish the hotel’s market position, and based on that data, provide suggestions on what revenue management strategies would be most effective for them to implement, in order to increase bookings and revenue. This is a free service that Lybra is already offering to our clients in Italy, and we plan to expand the services to support hotels in other countries in the near future.