MagoCloud Dashboards: company data speaks for itself!

Two structured Dashboards and a set of sub-reports designed to make the creation of new Dashboards more immediate.

Let your business data speak for itself!
Dashboards give you effective visualization and graphical analysis of KPIs and performance

Designed specifically for the Cloud, MagoCloud Dashboards allow you to graphically analyze multiple or single business facts, using an intuitive graphical representation based on charts, tables, gauge...

Data is a company's most valuable asset. Making sure the right people have the best data available to make the right decisions is the goal of MagoCloud Dashboards. They are designed as a collection of "sub-reports" taken directly from Mago reports, graphically reworked, and fully customizable with Reporting Studio Designer. Dashboards collect and visualize key metrics and display performance, business health and what you feel is relevant to monitor: sales, purchasing, inventory, etc.
Graphical visualization makes data accessible, easy to read, analyze and understand to make informed and agile decisions, in the different business areas you need to monitor.
Researchers say 65 percents of people around the world are visual learners, meaning they need to view information to memorize it. In addition, our brain can process images and videos 60,000 times faster than text, making data visualization even more valuable.

KPIs displayed by MagoCloud Dashboards are easy to access and instantly provide a high-profile overview. The filters, which you can set in the toolbar, allow you to make the analysis even more accurate. They can be applied globally, at the Dashboard level, or on individual sub-reports.

Hyperlink management in sub-reports allows you to drill down, easily jump from one chart to another report or specific document for deeper analysis. The auto-update feature allows you to always have real-time data available.
It is essential to choose the most suitable layout to make data easy to understand when designing a dashboard. With Reporting Studio designer you have about 15 types of charts available, to which you can apply some color palettes, designed to enhance the graphic impact. You can also customize the layout of the report chart to make it more readable. The set of sub-reports customized with these objects will make your Dashboards more clear and attractive. Dashboards are also responsive to work at your best from any device.
From MagoCloud 1.5 you have two standard Dashboards and a set of sub-reports divided by functional types, designed to allow you to create new Dashboards easily. The customization tool, as already mentioned, is Reporting Studio Designer, which you already use for MagoCloud reports. You can create new Dashboards, new sub-reports or modify existing ones from scratch.
Dashboards are available for all MagoCloud Industries and Editions and also for MagoCloud à la carte.

New Mago4 price list available
Added the Deposit Management module
The new Mago4 price list is available in the private area of the Microarea website.
With the Mago4 3.3 release the Deposit Management module has been implemented, it is now available only for Austria and Germany and soon for other countries.
In the Item Master Data it is possible to indicate an additional Item, that will be recalled in all the sales and purchase documents. The additional item will be considered as a deposit and it will impact the document value and the storage inventory entries too.

Sales prices remain unchanged.
To learn more about the new features of Mago4 3.3 you can consult the release notes and visit the Microarea Help Center.