Zucchetti Spain Introducing ZWorkspace

Enabling flexible organisational models to create better working environments

Zucchetti Spain has just launched in Spain the Infinity ZWorkspace solution developed by Zucchetti, the leading software and hardware manufacturer in Europe, which has already been implemented in numerous companies internationally. This tool is designed to facilitate the management of the company's space and physical assets with functionalities aimed at improving the allocation of space, as well as mapping and organising offices. Through the data generated in the space reservation process, users can have exact information available on the occupation of the assets used.

This solution allows for better space management, adapting to the restrictions as a result of Covid-19. Among other advantages, the space reservation software facilitates the management of security measures that are being implemented in many companies, such as controlling the security distance, registering the entry of people into offices, avoiding crowds and queues and verifying the identity of those in the office.

The tool is geared towards facilitating diversified work environments, so its usefulness goes even further than complying with health and safety measures. It allows to effectively manage each specific area of the organisation, to support the management of workplaces and to focus more intelligently on the use of each asset.

Infinity ZWorkspace adapts to different operational contexts

Zucchetti's Infinity ZWorkspace solution puts people at the centre, as improving the working environment also helps to enhance employee productivity, well-being, creativity and teamwork. This space reservation software solution can manage both simple structures, such as a single building or a single company, and complex, multi-building and multi-company structures.

Infinity ZWorkspace is a modular and highly scalable tool that facilitates the process of booking space in the workplace and adapts to different operational contexts. It also has two modules that allow the product to be customised, adapting it to the company's situation.

The Infinity ZWorkspace software solution is based on Infinity Zucchetti, the software platform for integrating workforce management processes in the company. It uses web technology, cloud and transversal solutions that enable online work and efficient process control.

Companies in our country can now access this solution from Zucchetti Spain, to manage their workspaces, accessible via the Internet from any browser. In this way, collaboration with users both inside and outside the company's ecosystem is encouraged, making it a perfect solution for remote work. Infinity ZWorkspace helps maximise efficiency in asset management and simplify daily activities by allocating convenient spaces.

A space booking solution available on premise, in cloud or SaaS

Zucchetti's Infinity ZWorkspace space reservation solution can be installed under licence on a hosting infrastructure, so that the resources are dedicated exclusively to the customer, providing a high level of security and reliability.

It is also available in Platform as a Service mode, where it is installed in Zucchetti's data centre, at the same time as the computer software is provided to the client, so that the client does not have to worry about hardware implementation and maintenance. Another possibility is to use the SaaS (software as a service) modality, where the user can access on a pay-as-you-go basis. In this case Infinity ZWorkspace users will be able to pay only for the actual use of the software solution, using their web browser to connect to the space booking tool.