Macnil brand new App GT GO

Macnil Gruppo Zucchetti has launched in May 2020 the new GT GO App on Google Play and App Store

Start, go, locate, track smart!
Born to meet specific needs of B2B market, especially in the field of mobility and logistics, where there is no possibility to install an on-board device dedicated to the traceability of corporate vehicles.
GT GO, in fact, allows you to locate any vehicle without the need to install a device on board, but downloading an app from the Store.

The Driver’s smartphone that downloaded GT GO will be associated with a vehicle. If necessary, the Driver can enable tracking with a simple click. Once you have reached your destination, you can disable tracking and block your location on your smartphone.

The Fleet Manager or the Responsible of Company Logistic, will be able to verify and to analyze all the distances and the stops carried out, on the APP GTFLEET or directly on the web portal, after being authorized by personal credential.

Thanks to GT GO, key features for the mobility solution and logistics remain guaranteed:

- Traceability in real time
- Monitoring of delivery or travel times
- Certification of deliveries or assistance
- Analysis of routes and stops
- Increased productivity of vehicles

Download it here: