Mariarita Costanza at TedX Rome Salon

Macnil’s co-founder and CTO took part to the event with her "Is progress neutral?" speech

On 17th January 2018, Macnil’s Cofounder and CTO, Mariarita Costanza, spoke at the Italian edition of TedTalks, TedX Rome Salon. The topic of the event was “Blurred Gender – Make the difference. Beyond differences” and on this occasion Mariarita Costanza took part with a speech about progress and future.

In her keynote “Is progress neutral?”,Macnil’s co-founder explained what progress means, especially in the so called “Murgia valley”, where a long history meets technological innovation. According to her, progress stems from diversity but should be neutral and not discriminate anyone.

You can watch the whole speech here (it’s in Italian but you can activate English subtitles on the lower right hand-side).