InfiniteCRM is easy to install and implement, but especially very simple to use ensuring anyone can be operating in a very short time and without the need for extensive training. The solution is also fully integrated with other IT platforms (ERP and management software) and compatible with all types of corporate infrastructure.

Enable organizations to communicate bidirectionally with users and clients in cross-channel mode: InfiniteCRM allows users and operators to choose the most effective channel and marketing departments to plan outbound campaigns on. 
The available modules enable different types of online communication: chat, telephone, email, sms, fax, mobile apps and social networks. 
Thanks to Brainbusiness and Braininteractive it is also possible to define response or notification behaviors in both directions, in one-on-one modality and through multi-level campaigns.

Support your clients across a range of channels without the risk of losing data, and leverage each channel's potential in order to offer a completely unified, seamless service available at any time on many channels.
Discover all of InfinteCRM plus: 

-WEB: a multilingual portal (iWeb) dedicated to self-service support

-CHAT: real-time support and proactive dialogue thanks to the native integration with ENGAGENT platform which provides self-service support

-E-MAIL: e-mail channel dialogue integrated with CRM console, with automated email sorting and replies in self-service mode

-MOBILE: thanks to iWeb HTML5 interface, Web and chat support are also available on mobile devices for customer care or marketing and sales notifications

-VOICE: the voice channel offers telephone support integrated with the corporate CTI, automatically triggering the services associated with the caller's number and self-generation of inbound and outbound events

-SMS: ideal for reminders, notifications or outbound marketing activities. It can also be integrated with BrainInteractive’s NLP Engine for automated dialogue with users.