Development & Customization Tools

The more Customization, the better!

Mago4 is an "open" management software:  in the software suite there are many tools designed to customizethe ERP or  integrate different applications. 
The range goes from data exchange to management component reuse, until the development with the same platform used by the developers of Mago4.

For every management product, the transfer of data is a fundamental tool to allow the user to exchange information between different workstations. 
XGate, the Mago4 module set up for this task, uses XML as transfer format; this standard makes it possible to exchange data also with different applications from Mago4.  In this way you can manage the import and export of any Mago4 document (Orders, Bills, but also customers, items) in XML format and exchange data among remote workstations and with heterogeneous systems via an xml-based transfer format.