Manufacturing Management

Production Flow is a piece of cake!

The manufacturing area functionalities of Mago4 allow you to completely manage the flow of productiondocuments and correct handling of materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Modules and functionalities are conceived from the viewpoint of operating efficiency and organization of production processes.

The Bill of Materials is the description of a product expressed as a list of components and operations; with BOM you can manage the assembly of products, controlling costs.The BOM includes a list of materials and information necessary to carry out the work to get the finished product, closely linked to corporate resources and procedures contained in production cycles. With Graphical Navigation, BOM explosion and implosion, you can explore the BOM and get access to information; furthermore the module also manages an archive of mechanical design drawingsand adds further details to item master datasheet through the technical notes. You can also rely on the BOM costing functions according to materials, working processes and ancillary costs. Thanks to Production Plan you can plan in a simplified way your manufacturing activity and you have the list of items to be produced in a certain period.