Inventory & Logistics Management

Any operation in your warehouse is simple and intuitive

With Mago4 Inventory and Logistics management you can rationalize stocks, properly valorize the leftover stock, track any entry and verify item exact position, managing product price lists in a flexible way.

Mago4 allows you to rationally and efficiently manage the goods in storage and correctly handle the goods. Thanks to Managing Items function of Mago4 you can code both goods items and services, associating a large set of information. With Item Graphic Navigation you simply and practically visualise the most significant data related to the item. Thanks to Smart Code you're able to automatically construct both the code and the description of an item; furthermore you can code Units of Measure and also enter each single item with different units of measure. You can insert different types of prices and discounts to use in the inventory entries and manage the Kits composed by assortment of several subproducts. The Inventory entries can be used to perform any operation on coded goods regarding both the fiscal and the physical aspect. Mago4 allows you also to manage several Storages, knowing their overall value, available quantities and the value of each item. Thanks to Mago4 you valorise the inventory according to your favorite criteria and automatically generate the Inventory Adjustment Entries reconciling the real quantities with the archives.