Web Applications

Your business always connected!

Get a chance to exploit the full potential of the world wide web for your business. Thanks to our web applications, the network becomes your most valuable ally, allowing you to streamline the organization of your work, saving time and resources. Meet all the shopping requirements of your customers in terms of mobility: just by owning a PC, tablet or a smartphone, they can book dinner, order products and manage personal accounts, increasing their loyalty.

All-around smart orders

Whether your customers want to eat in the comfort of your restaurant, take away their food, or have it delivered home, the Order & Delivery module enables you to support this additional demand, providing new services that allow your customers to enjoy their purchase with added convenience.

Business data on the fly

With Mobile Dashboard you can have key information regarding the performance of your business wherever you are, whenever you want, right on your smartphone or tablet. Turnover, number of receipts, and average daily receipts, are all necessary data for the professional who needs to monitor and recognize the current trends of the company.

Customer account manager

With Customer Account Manager your customers can manage their card balance at any time of day, from anywhere, without creating queues at the checkout. Registered users can in fact get an overview of their own, keeping in check their balance with the option to charge or, if necessary, block their card.

On-line meal reservation

Designed for the hospitality and catering market, with Web Meal Reservation, your customer can choose online between the available menus and reserve their preferred option with one click. At the same time, the kitchen manager can plan ahead, checking the stock levels, saving time and money. At the time to deliver, there will be no delays, increasing customer satisfaction.

Web Reporting – Always and everywhere

Web Reporting is an effective solution designed for those managers who travel frequently and want to have access anytime, anywhere, to all information about company performance. The application allows you to view reports from a laptop or mobile device connected to the Internet, without the need to install any additional software.