Multifunctional Cash Solutions

Designed to manage multiple infrastructures and to reduce operators workload, Zucchetti multifunctional POS and cashless payment solution for food and beverage and fan merchandising management is ideal for heterogeneous and complex retail environments like catering, but also for stadiums, arenas, cafeterias, shops, fairs, theme parks, museums and cinemas, and generally in all circumstances in which a sales transaction is carried out. 
Visitors to leisure areas use multiple check out scenarios with bars, kiosks, restaurants, discos, self-service shops, outlets etc. as well as many payment locations in a network often with a massive amount of daily transactions. Hospitality and retail companies can manage efficiently every aspect of the sales process, through the use of powerful and flexible tools, which are based on standard modern technology, with user friendly touch-screen interfaces and can manage all different types of currencies and accept different pay
The comprehensive functionalities of Zucchetti POS and Cashless Payment solution and the possibility to easily integrate different systems create competitive advantages for all venue managers and operators. A quick installation, together with a flexible configuration, extreme reliability, outstanding performance and ease of use are our proven recipes for your success.  
Zucchetti POS and Cashless Payment is not only the ideal solution for hospitality and retail, but is part of the complete platform for Venue Management and Entertainment solution to make fan’s experience delightful and amusing.
From the moment of purchasing the ticket until the access to the venue through gates and turnstiles, buying refreshments at points of sale and eating at bars and restaurants, waiting to enjoy the event’s kick-off becomes a totally stress-free opportunity. Fans can use their smart cards not only for access control but also to manage cashless payments within the venue or outside shopping malls and chain stores, thanks to the complete integration with the POS solutions. Moreover the integration with CRM systems gives you the possibility to analyze clients databases and to process data using their cards information, in order to develop marketing actions and customer fidelity campaigns. 
Empower Your Workforce Productivity and Engagement!

Are you still using manual time tracking via spreadsheet or homegrown systems to track your employees time data?
If you are a busy store manager you need just the right information delivered in an easy to consume format and Zucchetti Workforce Management for Retail is the right solution for you!
Improve employee satisfaction by enabling more flexible shift selection aligning your store strategy with the customers expectations and the career needs of employees.

Zucchetti Workforce Management solution includes:

  • labour forecasting and scheduling;
  • time and attendance;
  • activity & task management;
  • job costing;  
  • identification and access management.

Zucchetti combines the latest technologies with best practices, matured by helping hundreds of retailers in today’s customer-centric environment. Zucchetti web-based Workforce Management includes one of the leading labor forecasting and scheduling solution based on complex mathematical algorithms,  and deep domain expertise, to equip retailers with the responsiveness and insight they need to develop localized assortments and category plans that consistently attract, capture and retain market share.

Advanced time and labor optimization includes many factors, such as labor standards, capacity, staff availability and budget constraints, to produce a schedule that maximizes store efficiency, while minimizing budget variances and ensures labor law compliance.
Rules relating to time may differ geographically speaking, but Zucchetti does manage such expectations too.