Job Costing

To Plan, Monitor and Evaluate Your Company's Shift Management

ZTimesheet is the job costing solution that allows identifying the working hours of the personnel and assigning them by projects, job orders and customers in order to precisely and easily control their profitability.

ZTimesheet is the ideal solution for companies that need a tool for:

  • evaluating the profitability of each project/job order/customer;
  • planning and monitoring the activities of the involved resources;
  • reducing the time of administrative management;
  • supplying the management with the necessary information in order to take the best decisions in the shortest time possible.

Completely web based and within workflow logic, ZTimesheet is the job costing solution that allows all the company sectors and the persons involved in the process to always have at their disposal in real time all the data and information necessary for the performance of the activity.
ZTimesheet was developed in a modular way in order to allow each company to set-up the solution according to its specific requirements and thus to use a support that fully meets the needs of controlling the performance of the activity, the work load of the employees, the profitability of the projects/job orders/customers. 

The solution, completely web designed, can be accessed by means of a portal that offers the company a series of useful services in order to simplify the daily activities and maximize the efficiency of the entire management process.
ZTimesheet is part of the Global HR Solution, the first web-based technology suite with a single data base only for the complete management of all aspects of administration, management and staffing organization.