Automatic Lawnmower

Ambrogio saves your time and works while you rest

Small, compact, and silent: Ambrogio is the Gardener with an electronic heart and surprising capabilities; it does not pollute, makes no noise, it is not dangerous and works automatically while you rest. Totally waterproof, it also has a warranty of two years.

Ideal for small and big gardens as well, Ambrogio is a perfect instrument for anyone who wants a magnificent green grass carpet, clean and well cut. In order to satisfy more different range of customers, Ambrogio is available in various lines, which are all adjustable and satisfy various needs: L30, L60; L85; L200; L300, L400.


The various Ambrogio models have their own distinct features that make each one unique and inimitable: rain sensors, mowed lawn sensors, bumper sensors on all sides, management of up to 4 separate areas, management of slopes, automatic lift sensor that stops the blades, built-in alarm, smart function for adjusting cutting speed according to the lawn, SMS modules for daily reports, Bluetooth module for wireless software upgrades, three-dimensional sensors (magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer) for monitoring the path direction. State-of-the-art brushless motors.

The new Ambrogio models have been designed to last.
Every single detail has an innovative feature: safe cutting blade, strong wheels and body, coverage in the shortest time possible, which leads to greater durability without sacrificing the design and style of the machines. Ambrogio is recognised for its excellent performance and innovative features. For new large-area models, Zucchetti has developed an App available for Android and iOS devices that will allow connecting to the robot. For driving, updating the software and adjusting the settings.