Solmicro presents its new products at ECCO 2018

Solmicro held the annual convention for the Distribution Channel in Madrid

On June 7th, ECCO 2018 took place, where Solmicro presented its latest products in front of over 100 professionals. The event was held at Microsoft’s office in Madrid, given the tight collaboration between Solmicro and the American company.

During the event, Solmicro's distributors dealt with many interesting topics, among which Solmicro’s latest innovations: the renewed Solmicro-eXpertis 6 ERP- CRM, the new comprehensive solution for HR management, Solmicro Infinity, the new MES solution for Industry 4.0 and the new functionalities for ERP for wine industry and for Business Intelligence solution.

First of all, Solmicro presented its new ERP-CRM Solmicro-eXpertis, the strongest R&D commitment done by the software manufacturer in the last 3 years. Justino Martínez, Solmicro Managing Director, said that “once again we have the best product in the market. It means the culmination of the evolution of our product. It includes a new presentation layer with an extensibility model which was already included in the previous version. The new smart interface makes our solution friendly for users. This way, we have reached the final version of our ERP-CRM. Future versions will never incorporate such important changes, they will only be partial actualisations of individual items.”
Many are the advantages of the new ERP-CRM solution: total flexibility, increased productivity, renewed look & feel, higher performance and easy migration from previous versions.

Another relevant topic was the internationalization strategy of Zucchetti Group, of which Solmicro has been part since 2016. Enrico Itri, General Manager of Zucchetti Worldwide Business Operations (WBO) talked about the unequivocal commitment of Zucchetti Group to strengthen Solmicro position in the global market. This strategy is based on increasing the market share both through organic growth and through new acquisitions, without changing Solmicro philosophy focused on relationship with her Distribution Channel.
In order to contribute to the organic growth of the company, Nadir Azam, WBO’s Business Development Manager presented Zucchetti’s comprehensive solution for HR management, present on the Spanish market under the name Solmicro Infinity and already adopted by 10 companies since its launch.

Solmicro also presented a series of novelties: improvements at its Channel Attention Department and its new commercial rates. Microtech shared its experience as one of Solmicro’s new distributor and Ate Informática won the Best ERP Distributor in 2017 Award.

At the same time, Microsoft presented its artificial intelligence services and their integration with IoT devices. Both Microsoft and Solmicro consider that IoT is a key trend in the Industry 4.0 and are aware of the need of incorporating it to their products.

You can view the best moments and presentations of the event here. 

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