Easy Staff celebrates its first successful 10 years

Easy Staff can be proud of its 10 years of life, in which it has been able to steadily grow, selling its solutions to 32 Italian universities and implementing a successful business model, thanks to the acquisition by Zucchetti.

Easy Staff was born in 2007 inside Techno Seed, the Scientific Park’s incubator in the city of Udine. The company from the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region started its adventure “with the elaboration of an algorithm that elaborates the timetables of universities considering the different needs and availabilities of professors, students and classrooms” as explained by Fabio De Cesco, founder and administrator of Easy Staff. Following the initial success, new solutions for exam scheduling, management of classroom booking and the subsequent student app were developed.

The start up managed to achieve € 500 000 of turnover and €130 000 of revenues in 2016 and its software solutions have been adopted by 32 universities all over Italy, among which some of the biggest universities in Milan and Padua and Iulm and Luiss, two of the most prestigious private ones.

“What determined the success of the company – as explained by Fabiano Benedetti, co-founder of the beanTech incubator, together with Massimiliano Anziutti – is the entrepreneurial idea, the experience and support offered by the incubator, together with the legislative environment, the crucial role of universities and most of all the easy and available business model that allowed us to enter the market very quickly.”

Zucchetti’s acquisition of Easy Staff, in fact, significantly contributed to the success of the company. Thanks to the experience and competencies of the leading Italian software house, Easy Staff was able to implement a successful business model, while at the same time Zucchetti achieved its goals of expanding its production scope.

“Zucchetti wants to be a hub to conquer new markets and thanks to Easy Staff’s Workforce Planner we are entering in new companies and different sectors” stated Paolo Susani, Zucchetti’s commercial director. In particular, the Workforce Planner algorithm is perfect for the planning of work shifts and work calendars used in ZScheduling, one of the many modules of Zucchetti’s HR Infinity suite.

Both Zucchetti and Easy Staff are committed to achieving many more goals together, hoping for another decade of success and great results.

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