Zucchetti has been included in Gartner’s “Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications 2017”

The IT consultancy firm highlighted not only the specific work shift scheduling benefits provided by Zucchetti’s software, but also the perks coming from the software’s native integration with the HR Infinity Suite for an effective personnel management

Once again, Gartner, world leader in the IT sector consultancy and analysis, confirmed Zucchetti among the most qualified vendors worldwide of 2017 for its Workforce management solution.

The leading Italian software house has been in fact mentioned in Gartner’s “Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications 2017” as one of the most reliable producers in the organizational and administrative personnel management field, in particular thanks to the integration of its solutions. The work shift scheduling software is in fact part of the HR Infinity Global Solution that includes payroll, time and attendance, travel and expenses management, safety and access control, HR analytics and much more.

Among the best innovations appreciated by Gartner’s analysts we can find the HR management mobile app, predictive functionalities to forecast the right size of resources, the setting of KPIs to check staff performance in real time, together with the introduction of IoT devices to monitor the organization’s productivity.

By including Zucchetti in the “Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications 2017”, Gartner once again reconfirmed and rewarded Zucchetti’s commitment in investing in innovation and in developing the best solutions to help companies efficiently manage their workforce.


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