Macnil GTAlarm partners with Poste Mobile for the new IoT solution "PM Connette Flotta"

Macnil GT Alarm, a company belonging to the Zucchetti Group, is now partner of Poste Mobile for the “PM Connette Flotta” solution, dedicated to the business customers and to the fleet management market.

Another important result for the first semester of 2017 has been achieved by Macnil GTAlarm, a company belonging to Zucchetti Group, which has signed a partnership with PosteMobile, a telephony company of Poste Italiane, for the provision of satellite localisation services for the corporate fleets thanks to the “PM Connette Flotta” offer.

As part of the Internet of Things offer of Poste Mobile, "PM Connette Flotta" comes up as a simple, reliable and suitable solution for the satellite localisation of company vehicles.

The “PM Connette Flotta” service is addressed to small, medium-sized and big companies with corporate fleets and it covers an high-level technical and commercial assistance, designed to address the specific needs of business customers.

“PM Connette Flotta”, through special devices to be installed into the vehicles and also thanks to the web platform, allows to view any vehicle's position and movement on a map in real-time, to monitor mileage and fuel consumption, to daily track vehicles' speed, routes and stops all through PC, Tablet and Smartphone. This offer is divided into two different service profiles: PM Connette Flotta Easy and PM Connette Flotta TOP, providing evolved services to manage the corporate fleets.

The service was born thanks to the technological partnership with Macnil GTAlarm, a company specialized in integrated tele-control, security and smart mobility systems. Macnil GTAlarm is part of the Zucchetti Group, the first IT company in Italy for the supply of software, hardware devices and services to companies.

With 25 years of experience in producing satellite localisation systems for the security and protection of vehicles, homes and offices, Macnil GT Alarm is a leader in the automotive industry, partner of the most important world’s car manufacturers and technical partner of the major telephony companies.

«The agreement which was signed the other day in Rome by Macnil GTAlarm with the PosteMobile leaders is a very important business goal for Zucchetti Group, since it consolidates our position into a growing market with great potential, which is that of the Fleet Management and vehicles security and protection», these are the words of Nicola Lavenuta, CEO and co-founder of Macnil GTAlarm.

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