TENNECO Automotive extends the use of Mago4 in its subsidiary in Argentina

For a rapid and effective control of personal safety equipment

TENNECO Automotive is a multinational company that has a turnover of 8.2 billion dollars, with offices in all continents. Tenneco has been using Mago4 in its Brazilian subsidiary for 3 years to achieve a rapid and effective control of personal safety equipment, check the expiration, and manage the delivery to employees effectively. The successful experience of the Brazilian subsidiary has prompted the company to expand the use of Mago4 also at the Argentinian headquarters, center of operations for South America.

One of the major problems for the company was to establish when a personal protective equipment should be replaced. Some devices have an expiration date, others require a monitored wear control by the worker in order to replace it, if it is no longer suitable. Others have a validity linked to specific legal provisions; the project enabled TENNECO to monitor the exact dates of the devices, assigned to each employee, tracing the delivery and return, get detailed information on the use of the same, as well as to monitor the cost of replacements per employee, cost center or production line. Using Mago4 for managing this process has also enabled the company to ensure greater security of employees and reduce the risks for the company, when failing to replace expired devices in due time.

Mago4 is thus confirmed as a highly flexible platform, offering simple and immediate customization tools particularly appreciated by the users and that enables you to adapt the management standards to the peculiarities of each company.

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