New App LEZIONIUNIMI by Easystaff

Now available on Apple and Android Stores!

Thanks to Easystaff the Univesrity of Milan had its new official app!

Lezioniunimi is the official application of the University of Milan dedicated to class schedules. The application allows students and teachers to have at their fingertips all the information about the organization of lectures and availability of classrooms.
At the moment, the application is an experimental version and is only active for degree courses (BA and Master's) to:

- Biotechnology
- Law
- Agricultural science
- Pharmaceutical Sciences
- Political Economics and Social
- Humanities.

With Lezioniunimi you can have on your device:
- Lesson times, shown by week or whole educational cycle
- The availability of classrooms in real time
- A detailed description of the lessons and references for teachers
- Push notifications for communications from the University related to the lessons.

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