State of the art POS solution extends to UK

Hospitality business owners across the UK can now benefit from the ultimate POS and business intelligence package thanks to a new partnership between PXtech and TCPOS.

PXtech, who currently develops the acclaimed BI solution Axent, has joined hands with TCPOS, the number one POS solution in Europe, to revolutionise the POS market. Axent is currently used in over 35,000 Subway stores across the world while TCPOS service some of Europe’s largest hospitality and retail groups.
The partnership allows PXtech to combine Axent with TCPOS, opening the door to a cutting-edge and unmatched solution for the British hospitality sector.
PXtech is providing restaurants, canteens, caterers, stadiums, bars, pubs and clubs with a future-proof, extensible and highly adaptable solution that perfects core competency. The partnership brings the user a hugely flexible solution that allows easy access to real-time data, more accurate information, improved decision-making capability, identification of problem areas and enhanced customer experience.

Pamela Niggli, International Business Manager and member of the Board of Directors of TCPOS says, “Since our first contact with PXtech, they have shown necessary professionalism, enthusiasm and dynamism. They will make precious allies in our mission to grow internationally as leading providers of POS solutions in hospitality and retail and provide technology that will improve the long-term business of our clients.”
By combining experience and expertise, TCPOS and PXtech are taking advantage of the visionary opportunities within the POS market.

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