Zucchetti Axess and Herta Security come together to integrate access control with facial recognition

The integration of Zucchetti Axess access control systems with Herta Security’s BioSurveillance, BioAccess and BioFinder solutions allows human facial recognition for the automatic opening of turnstiles/entrances or for managing signals and alarms

Zucchetti Axess, a company in the Zucchetti Group, leader in access control and attendance monitoring systems for companies and public bodies, has chosen Herta Security, leader in the development of state-of the-art solutions in facial recognition, to bring a unique offer in the field of safety to the market.

Zucchetti Axess access control software and hardware systems will in fact be integrated with biometric solutions based on Herta Security’s facial recognition to increase people security wherever identification is required: companies, banks, public organizations, airports, railway stations and subways, stadiums and sports facilities, shopping malls and other places with large crowds of people.

“Converging the video surveillance and access control software and hardware systems is increasingly requested by the market as integrated information management is vital for physical security managers who have the task of protecting people and environments, using the support of technology – commented Alberto Pavesi, Managing Director of Zucchetti Axess –. The partnership with Herta Security comes from the desire to combine our XAtlas access control application with extremely reliable, internationally-used solutions for biometrics and video-surveillance, to ensure the best possible guarantees for customers in terms of quality and performance.

“BioSurveillance is Herta Security’s video surveillance solution that detects several faces in real time and incorporates video recordings immediately, while BioAccess is our biometric facial recognition system – stated Laura Blanc, Marketing Executive at Herta Security –. We liked the idea of integrating them with an advanced access control system such as Zucchetti Axess XAtlas immediately, as it allows the final user to have a ‘turnkey’ solution that solves identification and access processes for authorized people in a certain environment simply and quickly.

Furthermore, BioFinder is Herta Security’s solution that searches for a specific subject via facial recognition, in one or more video recordings and is an application that is much appreciated by anyone managing large events or sports facilities.

For the Zucchetti Group, that deals with the security of more than 100 stadiums worldwide, it is most certainly added value to the range of services that it offers its own customers”.