Zucchetti Cash Register Solution integrates with Satispay to provide a complete e-payment system

For fast and secure payments anytime, anywhere!

Satispay, a young Italian company that has radically redefined mobile payments, has reached a new milestone by allowing stores to use their cash register to accept the payments made from the smartphone of their customers. Specifically, the integration was developed thanks to the collaboration with Cigierre – Compagnia Generale Ristorazione SpA, owner of brands such as Old Wild West and Wiener Haus, and Zucchetti, the company that supplies their cash register software.

Old Wild West and Wiener Haus will be the first stores to accept their customers’ payments directly from the cash register. The integration is already active in three Old Wild West restaurants in the province of Udine and will spread in the upcoming weeks; starting with the provinces of Turin and Milan. Satispay will be introduced to all 160 points of sale within Italy by the end of Autumn.

The efficiency and speed of the integration was obviously made possible also thanks to Zucchetti, supplier of Cigierre’s cash register software, who worked closely with Satispay to find the ideal solution.

Angelo Guaragni, Head of Zucchetti’s Food Service and Hospitality Solutions, added, “Our collaboration with Cigierre has once again led to the introduction of innovative features in our TCPOS software. We can now support all of our clients in introducing Satispay, which is the most conveniently priced electronic payment system, today. Our mission is to follow and anticipate technological evolutions in order to bring the emerging benefits to our customers. The growth of alternatives to the traditional payment circuits is now a clear trend. This is why we believe it was important to be able to integrate Satispay with our TCPOS, which is currently installed in approximately 6,000 points in Italy and 40,000 worldwide”.

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