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For over 30 years, Club Moving has been promoting the importance of sport and a healthy and relaxing lifestyle under the slogan “Movement is life!” The Club Moving franchise is a market leader in France with facilities in Portugal, Martinique, Guadalupe, La Rèunion, Morocco, New Caledonia and the UAE. It arrived in Romania in the spring of 2010, opening a fitness centre in Otopeni. The club met with great success because its half-Olympic sized pool, state-of-the-art fitness equipment, dynamic aerobic classes, quality services and friendly staff have given Romanians a new vision of fitness and fun, offering so much more than traditional gyms.

As a natural evolution of the success, other innovative clubs were opened, first in Iasi, then in Cluji, Bucharest and finally, in the autumn of 2013, in Ploiesti.

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Access Control solutions

The five Club Moving centres in Romania all have similar characteristics. With a size varying between 1,200 and 1,500 square metres, they offer fitness services, various kinds of booked activities and courses, swimming pools, sports courts and merchandising. 

The services are mainly for members and Club Moving's aim was to foster maximum interaction between the centres, so that customers could use valid memberships in multiple locations and managers could have full visibility of the overall performance of the chain.

Moreover, the size of the facilities and numerous services provided meant that the Club Moving centres needed tools to support all the management and organisational activities. In particular, they needed to control customer access to the different areas, to manage bookings of services and treatments, to plan courses, to manage internal stores and the warehouse.

To meet all these management needs and after careful evaluation of the most important technological solutions now available on the market, Club Moving decided to rely on Zucchetti Itaca, a company belonging to the Zucchetti group with proven expertise and extensive experience gained in the Italian and international markets, as demonstrated by the more than 1,000 active clients in the field of sports, fitness and wellness.

With Zucchetti Itaca’s integrated Gymgest system, the Club Moving centres launched an extensive computerisation programme, starting from the web procedure that allows data to be exchanged between the various centres and the centralised management of this data.

This enables monitoring the activities of all the centres from one centre, as well as the frequency of customers in each centre.

All the centres are connected to each other via VPN and the operations are performed via RDP. This allows consulting the archives in real time and performing the daily front-desk operations.

Access control is managed through turnstiles at the entrances of the centre (on average, each centre has two entrances), the pools and changing rooms, as well as electronic locks controlled by wall-mounted readers at the doors of the wellness area, etc. To avoid the exchange of cards and their misuse by customers, “hand readers" were requested which memorise the track and compare it with subsequent accesses. Additional security is provided by the entering of a unique code, together with the reading of the profile. The program automatically assigns the codes at the time of registration.

18 complete workstations were set-up to manage the organisational aspects. They are spread across the five centres and are synchronised in real time. This not only allows controlling accesses, but also using the various software modules of Gymgest. The Course Planning module allows managing and planning swimming lessons and courses, while the Agenda Planning module allows managing the collective activities with limited places and subject to booking.

The Booking feature allows managing the bookings of courts and one-to-one services, such as beauty treatments, rehabilitation, personal training, according to availability, equipment, operator and customer.

The Sales Management module manages the economic and logistical aspects of bars and restaurants, sales outlets and warehouses. The payment procedures are divided into front office/cash desks, with management of payments in cash or with pre/post-paid money cards.

Particular attention was also paid to customer relations and marketing, with the management of gift cards, or free passes given automatically to customers who in turn can give them to friends and acquaintances for promotional purposes. The entire operation is automated and tracked for maximum efficiency.

Dual currency management was implemented for countries with high inflation rates. The services are purchased in euro and paid in instalments in the local currency, with daily adjustments. All these reports and can be viewed in the two currencies.

The software has been translated into English and Romanian by Zucchetti Itaca’s local partner, who directly manages the first level of assistance, thus ensuring prompt intervention and maximum knowledge of the local context.